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Just Horsin’ Around Horse Camps

Do you have a horse crazy kid between the ages of 7 and 18?  Are you looking for something for them to do this summer?

Just Horsin’ Around Horse Camps are a perfect way to give your child the chance to spend time learning to ride and to care for horses.

With over 20 horses, we have a horse for any child who comes to the ranch – whether new to horseback riding or has had some experience riding.

At our horse camps, your child will have the opportunity to work with and ride horses all day.  In addition to learning how to ride, they will also learn how to feed, halter, groom, saddle and bridle. 

Your child will have a chance to use our built in trail obstacle course, practice in our 2 round pens as well as our full size arena, and have the opportunity to go on several trail rides through hundreds of acres around the ranch.

Fall Break Camps $170.00 per rider per 5 day camp 

September 24-28.               October 1-5.              October 8-12.               

One Day  Camps $35 per rider. 

Monday, September 3.          Monday, November 1212

Wednesday,  November 22.

Winter Break 2018 Horse Camp:

December 26-28  $105 per rider                            December 31-January 3    $140 per rider           


To register, email us at justhorsinaround@yahoo.com and we'll send you a packet.