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                      Hello and Welcome to

Just Horsin’ Around Horse Camps

Who we are

Just Horsin’ Around is family owned and operated since 1993.  Our names are Richard and Candace Jepson and our office number is 591-1615.  Our staff consists of Candace and Richard Jepson (owners) and 5 other staff.  Our mailing address is PO Box 910 Vail, AZ 85641 and our physical address is 950 North Davidson.  (Call for directions before you decide to come out and visit.  Mapquest shows streets that do not go all the way through.  We would be happy to send you an accurate map.  Without directions, it is impossible to find and you will end up at our neighbor’s house and that makes them very crabby.)


  We are very excited about our upcoming horse camps.  We would like to take this opportunity to tell you what you can expect at camp and what our policies are.


What we do

Just Horsin’ Around provides youth horse camps, riding lessons and a 4-H horse lease program.  We have 26+ horses.  The horses that we use are kid gentle performance horses.  Your child will be working with horses individually and in small groups.  Children are grouped according to their comfort and skill levels.  Some children are naturally comfortable while others are more cautious.   We work in 2 round pens and an arena.  Your child will work with horses doing groundwork and while on horseback.  We also do extensive trail riding.  On Fridays, we play games on horseback.  We generally have about 6 children in a group with 2 staff members per group.  We generally have 2 to 3 groups of children.  


During horse camp, your child will practice horsemanship and will learn to ride horses at their own individual pace.  Your child will participate in both individual and group riding work and trail riding.  We provide instruction during horse camp for absolute beginners through intermediate riders.  During trail riding, we may go through over 500 acres in a week.  Children also learn to catch, lead, groom and saddles horses.  We ride extensively and are outside all day working with the horses.    


What we are not

We are not child care, day care or a babysitting service.  We are a riding stable that provides riding instruction during all day horse camps.  We do not do anything except teach children to ride horses.  Please do not enroll your child if they do not want to ride horses and be outside all day.  We are not a DES licensed childcare facility and are not classified as childcare by the IRS.


A note about the weather

A note about weather: We are at a slightly higher elevation.  In the winter that means it can get pretty chilly. I keep hats, mittens, scarves and jackets on hand to pass out if someone gets to cold. In the summer, we average 10-15 degrees cooler than Tucson.  However, it still gets to almost 100 in July.  We have multiple shades set up with ice water available on tables.  We encourage sunscreen and hats (when not on horseback). 


Fees and Payments

Horse camp fees are payable in advance.  We accept money orders, checks, cashier’s checks, PayPal (justhorsinaround@yahoo.com), Venmo (@candace-jepson)and cash.  Please make checks Payable to Candace Jepson.  A $50 deposit will hold your spot with the balance due 1 week before the camp start date.  In order to maintain a high quality camp program and our staffing ratio, all deposits and fees are nonrefundable.  We do not give refunds for any reason.  In the event your child cannot attend the camp you signed up for, your deposit and fees may be applied to another camp if space is available.  You cannot pay camp fees by the day nor do we prorate if your child cannot attend the entire week.  We do not do makeup days.  Please send your registration forms in as soon as possible.  We do not add your child to our final list until we receive your forms and camps are limited to 16 children. I will hold camp spots for you for 3-5 business days pending the receipt of the registration forms.  We will send you confirmation when we receive your forms to confirm registration and transportation.  Please make checks payable to Candace Jepson.   


Your child will need to bring

A lunch from home, a water bottle and an old sock (to carry it in), sunscreen, a long sleeved cotton shirt over a short sleeved shirt if your child sunburns and a hat to wear when not on horseback (not necessary but your child can bring one if he/she likes).  Please label everything with your child’s name.  We are not responsible for lost items.



Your child will need to wear

Jeans or long pants (no shorts allowed), a Bike or Riding Helmet and sturdy, closed toed shoes or boots (thrift stores often sell used riding/cowboy boots cheap!).


What not to bring or wear

Hoop style or dangling earrings, perfume, electronic equipment, toys or cell phones unless they will leave them in their backpack (It is distracting and potentially dangerous to have children taking calls while they ride and work with horses), thick soled shoes or thin soled shoes (they get caught up in the stirrups).  No hiking boots, military boots and steel toed boots.


Please do not send your child with anything that cannot be easily replaced.  Children invariably lose things and we are not responsible for any broken, lost, stolen or misplaced items including I-pods and cell phones.


Behavioral Issues

If your child has any behavioral issues please tell us.  We will try to accommodate your child. We are unable to accept children whose behaviors make them a danger to themselves or others.  This includes children who refuse to follow basic safety rules and children who refuse to listen to adults.  We reserve the right to not accept the registration forms if we feel a child is not going to do well in our program or has demonstrated complete disregard for safety rules around horses. 


If you bring your own horse

You may bring your own horse to camp at no extra charge.  You may bring the horse in on Sunday evening or Monday morning the week your child attends camp.  You must bring in all of your own hay and feed, feeders and water bucket.  Your hay & feed must be kept separately from ours.  Your child must feed and water his/her own horse.


And Finally

We are accepting of all children regardless of religion, race, culture, country of origin, parents’ sexual orientation, disability, parent’s marital status, etc.  Children are not allowed to tease or harass another child based on any of the above or for any other reason. 




 Please call me at 591-1615 to register or if you have any questions.


Just Horsin’ Around Summer 2020 Break Camps



Dear Parents,

You are invited to register for our Summer 2019 horse camps.  Children need to bring a lunch and a water bottle from home each day.  If we need additional registration forms, we will send them to you upon receipt of this form.  You can call us at 591-1615 to reserve a spot.

To register, mail form(s) to:  Just Horsin’ Around PO Box 910 Vail, AZ 85641



Child’s Name________________________ Child’s Name___________________________


Child’s Name________________________ Child’s Name___________________________




Parent’s Name(s) _____________________ Phone Number___________________________



Each 1 week camp costs $175 per child per camp. You may send the total amount due or we will  your spot for a $50 deposit (per child per camp)and we will bill you for the balance when we mail out or email you your confirmation notice.

¨                                      Balance due 1 week prior to camp start.

 Dates available: May 25-29.           June 1-5.        June 15-19

June 22-26          July 6-10               July 13-17

We only hold spots for 7 days pending receipt of forms and payment.  Please make checks payable to Candace Jepson. 


Amount Enclosed: _______________


Transportation Schedule

Location                                                              Pick up Time            Drop off Time


¨   Walgreens Broadway and Swan                   7:00am                       5:00pm

       Safeway Broadway and Campbell                 7:15am                      4:45pm

¨  Circle K at I-10/6th Ave.                             7:30am                       4:30pm

¨  Bank of America at Rita/Houghton              7:00am                       4:40pm

¨  Roadrunner Market                                   7:20am                       4:20pm

Call 591-1615 to register or email us at justhorsinaround@yahoo.com


Just Horsin’ Around

Release of Liability


I, (name of participant), __________________________________, in consideration of the acceptance of my application to participate in the event, activity or program listed below, hereby waive and forever discharge any and all rights to and/or claims for damages that may be suffered by my child as a result of my child’s preparation for, participation in, or travel to or from the event, activity or programs listed below.  I recognize the inherent risks associated with my child’s participation in this event, activity or program and specifically agree to indemnify and hold harmless, Just Horsin’ Around, Candace and Richard Jepson, its officers, agents, employees, volunteers, boards and commissions, and any other persons acting for its behalf or on its behalf, and any promoters, sponsors, contractors or subcontractors whose facilities or services are being used for this event, activity or program, By signing this form, I agree not to sue or have someone sue on my behalf.


I further certify that the participant has no physical impairment, illness or defect, either latent or patent that precludes them from or increases the risks of their participation in this event and is capable of full participation in this event, program or activity.


Event/Activity/Program:   2020 Horse Camps


Date(s) attending ______________________________________________________________




I, the parent, legal guardian or legal custodian of the minor person participating in this event, activity or program above, do hereby assent to the above agreement and Release of Liability and agree to be bound by all of its terms and conditions as stated above.  Furthermore, I understand that Just Horsin’ Around, Candace and Richard Jepson and other staff are not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items.  I, __________________, also certify that I am aware that Just Horsin’ Around, Candace and Richard Jepson and other staff do not issue refunds of camp fees and deposits for any reason.


Parents’ Signature ___________________________________ Date: ___________________

Printed Name ___________________________________


Child’s Signature ___________________________________ Date: ________________

Printed Name ___________________________________






Child’s Name ________________________ Age ____________ Sex ____________


Child’s Name ________________________ Age ____________ Sex ____________


Child’s Name ________________________ Age ____________ Sex ____________


Child’s Name ________________________ Age ____________ Sex ____________

Be it known that I, the undersigned parent or guardian of the child(ren) named above, do hereby give and grant unto any medical doctor or hospital, my consent and authorization to render such aid, treatment, or care to said child(ren) as in the judgment of said doctor or hospital, as required, on an emergency basis, and in the event the child(ren) should be injured or stricken ill while participating in a Just Horsin’ Around Program.


I do hereby consent to have medical care provided for my child(ren), if parent/legal guardian cannot be reached in a medical emergency.


Parent of legal guardian shall be responsible for all medical costs arising from any injury sustained by the participant(s) during the program.  Parent or legal guardian will assume the responsibility for medical or accident insurance during the duration that the above named child(ren) participates in the program.


It is hereby understood that the consent and authorization hereby given and granted are continuing and are intended by me to extend throughout the term of this program. 


Child(ren)’s Physician ______________________________ Phone # _______________


Is the child (or children) on any medication? __________________________________


Reason ______________________________________________________


Are there any allergies or special needs that we need to be aware of?



My child(ren) has medial, health or accident insurance with______________________


Insurance company ____________________________ Policy # __________________


Parent or Guardian Signature ___________________________   Date _____________



Child’s Name _____________________________


Child’s Name _____________________________


Child’s Name _____________________________


Child’s Name _____________________________


Parent’s Name _____________________________


Camp Date(s) ______________________________


Amount Due_______________________________


Amount Enclosed ___________________________


Balance Due________________________________


Under Arizona Law, an equine sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities pursuant to ARS 512-533.


I certify that I have read the forms enclosed in this packet and I agree to all of the stated policies and procedures of Just Horsin’ Around.

Parent’s Signature ____________________________






Name: ___________________________ Date of Birth ________________


Name: ___________________________ Date of Birth ________________      


Name: ___________________________ Date of Birth ________________      


Name: ___________________________ Date of Birth ________________


As with any outside activity, children sometimes get cuts and scrapes, irritated eyes or bug bites.  Occasionally, children come into contact with an allergen and get a rash or hives.  Please check those over the counter medications that you give permission for your child(ren) to receive at Just Horsin’ Around.




YES                                                   NO


____                                                  _____                   Tylenol (acetaminophen)



_____                                                _____         Motrin or Advil



_____                                                _____                   Calamine Lotion



_____                                                _____                   Triple Antibiotic Ointment



_____                                                _____                   Saline Eye Drops



_____                                                _____                   Benadryl                        






Today’s Date:


Child’s Name:                                                              Child’s Name:                                                 

Date of Birth:                                                                Date of Birth:

School:                                                                         School:

School District:                                                 School District:

Grade:                                                                          Grade:


Child’s Name                                                               Child’s Name:

Date of Birth:                                                                Date of Birth:

School:                                                             School:

School District:                                                 School District:

Grade:                                                                          Grade:


Home Address:

Mailing Address (if different):

Home Phone:


Parents’ Names:

Daytime Contact Numbers:

Cell Phone Numbers:

Other Contact Number:


Email Address:

Special Needs:

Daytime Medication and Dosage:

Does your child have any negative experiences with horses? (Please explain below)


Does your child have any recurrent or excessive fears that we should be aware of?